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They can create links between directories e. Q Which shell do you assign to a POP3 mail-only account? This field use by finger command. How to change window manager by editing your home directory? Thanks for making this platform available. June 4, at Q What is Shell Script? POP3 is basically used for downloading mail to mail program.

Q What is Kernel? To give root privileges to a user via lknuxyou need to add the user to group like sudo or wheel.

Open relays are e-mail servers that are configured to accept and transfer e-mail on behalf of any user anywhere, including unrelated third parties.

In the case of Telnet, these include the passing of login credentials in plain text, which means anyone running a sniffer on your network can find the information he needs to take control of a device in a few seconds by eavesdropping on a Telnet login session.

Below are the logical Steps to reduce size of LVM partition: By default all scripts are saved admih this file.

The user cannot access the shell and it reject shell login on the server like on telnet. Cron is ideal for servers while Anacron is ideal for desktops and laptops.

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In case of Anacron, if a job is scheduled and the system is down that time, it will execute the job as soon as the system is up and running. I especially liked the ones covering the network and Puppet server part. Any missing shadowed entries are added. In this case the structural information of the process is still in the process table All the other folders quesrions under this one.

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Which utility is used aanswers make automate rotation of a log? Security is the most important aspect of an operating system. You must be logged in to post a comment.

October 25, at 9: However, we can have multiple bond interfaces like bond1, bond2 and so on. The main difference between these two shells is that false shell intterview the incorrect code and any unusual coding when user login with it.

This lets syslogd perform a re-initialization. However, assigning bash shell to a POP3 mail only gives user login access, which is avoided.

November 22, at 6: If debugging is enabled these are ignored, otherwise syslogd will die. February 3, at Hai Plz send me the interview questions and answers in linux and Linux troubleshooting questions and answers in linux. This is done mainly for the security as some users have armin limited access to files.

Range of priority goes from highest priority to 19 lowest. Hi all, if anyone has linux interview questins, please forward it to my mail id – teekaram.