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National Library Board, Singapore. Jeyamohan Readers Discussion Forum.

In parallel, Jeyamohan has produced a prolific output as one of the foremost Literary critics and theorists of modern Indian literature with focus on Tamil.

He has also written scripts for Malayalam and Tamil movies. Amidst widespread scepticism and slander flamed up by the national and regional media across the political spectrum, Jeyamohan remained rock solid in support of Anna Hazare’s movement. Bahuleyan’s family followed him around on his work-related transfers to Thiruvattar and Arumanai towns in the Kanyakumari district.

Kungumam, Tamil Magazine November Encyclopedia of Tamil Criticism.

As part of the debates, Jeyamohan produced some of his best essays on literary standards and criticism during this period. Jeyamohan has collaborated with filmmakers in Tamil and Malayalam and shares credits for story, screenplay and dialogues.

B. Jeyamohan – Wikipedia

Jeyamohan had personally visited Ralegaon Siddhi to see Hazare’s social movements in action, and he also wrote about Hazare’s tireless struggle to get the Right to Information Act passed in the Indian parliament.

His considerable writing resulted in the corpus of essays published in as Indraya Gandhia collection that examined the continuing relevance of Gandhi’s methods and ideals in modern India. In he started his most ambitious work Venmurasua modern renarration of the epic Mahabharata. Jeyamohan was introduced to Arunmozhi Nangai as a reader and married her in Retrieved 20 September Jeyamohan had been one of the first Indian ideologues to write about Anna Hazare many years before Anna Hazare’s popular anti-graft movement.

B. Jeyamohan

Jeyamohan’s siblings were an elder brother and a younger sister. From toJeyamohan and his friends edited a literary journal named Solputhithu. Jeyamohan’s first publication during schooldays was in Ratnabalaa children’s magazine, followed by a host of publications in popular weeklies. Retrieved 28 May Drawing on the strength of his life experiences and extensive travel around India, Jeyamohan is able to re-examine and interpret the essence of India’s rich literary and classical traditions. araj

Retrieved 17 August Deepavali October Jeyamohan gravitated towards Gandhian philosophy and political principles through debates with hayamohan intellectuals of the era. In his home at Nagercoil, Tamilnadu.

Retrieved 15 June Over the decade, the website has become an important repository of the author’s essays running into thousands. The Hindu Deepavali Malar. Jeyamohan In his home at Nagercoil, Tamilnadu. Jeyamohan had been an active participant in Tamil internet discussion groups like Mayyam, Forumhub and Thinnai. In parallel, Jeyamohan was an avid read of Indian classics and philosophical texts like the Bhagavad Gita. After high school, Jeyamohan was pressured by his father to take up commerce and accountancy in college.

Retrieved 7 February Their son Ajithan was born in and daughter Chaitanya in Retrieved 21 September Bahuleyan Pillai was an accounts clerk in the Arumanai registrar’s office. Jeyamohan’s works like ‘Kaadu’ and ‘Mathagam’ feature elephants in central roles, while his biographical and travel essays capture the centrality of nature, ecology and conservation to the Indian way of life.

The early major influences in his life have been the humanitarian thinkers Leo Tolstoy and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Retrieved 29 May Retrieved 6 June MGR Sivaji et al”.

One such true-life story on the conservationist Dr. Indraya Gandhi explored new dimensions on Gandhi’s life including his relationship with Nehru, Ambedkar and Dalit politics and the topic of Lust.

India Today, English Magazine November ThroughoutJeyamohan continued to write about and support Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement and the Jan Lokpal bill. Critics heaped praise on Padugai for its evocative narrative that wove together myths and contemporary visuals.

Views Read Edit View history. By the end of the summer ofJeyamohan had written close to 60 essays on the topic, many of them in answer to readers who had written in expressing their own doubts and questions.

Jeyamohan wrote his first full-fledged novel Rubber in and then re-edited and published it in The author follows an innovative publishing model in which he serialises all new content on the website and allows free access, while simultaneously offering hardbacks and paperbacks through publishers. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat His best-known and most critically acclaimed work is Vishnupurama fantasy set as a quest through various schools of Indian philosophy and mythology.

The leftist in him had been saddened by the collapse of the Soviet Union inand a decade long introspection on the nature of power and self-righteousness found expression in Pin Thodarum Nizhalin Kural in Bahuleyan Pillai and B. Kolappan 10 June