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Our team is made up of full-time English teachers who are still creating and updating this website on an almost daily basis.

The “clear” button deletes all your answers. Reported speech change direct speech into reported speech.

English grammar

Conditional If clauses Time clauses. You will also find worksheet ebooks, audio books, and self-grading quizzes to download. Pronunciation is one area we have recently added more content.

To help you with your computer-assisted lesson planswe have created over 50 state-of-the-art powerpoint presentations and Video Slides with embedded audio recording. They make teaching of beginners, young learners to pre-intermediate levels quite easy. Similar Site to Englishmedialab. Listening exercises, though not many, for listening practice. The new feature rnglish this site is the Interactive Games section. English grammar exercises for beginners pdf download a combined 6 Ebooks for Kids, you are armed with the best teaching materials for young learners in the industry.

These ebook packs are loaded with materials of the highest quality, designed to save you great amounts of lesson planning time and teaching energy.

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Worksheets for Kids include: It is an effective, affordable private and public teaching solution for parents and schools. To teach students how to describe zoo animals by what they eat and look like. You can use the “check” button to find out if your answer is correct or the “show” button if you want exercisex see the correct answer.

Word PuzzlesPhonics and phonetics worksheetscoloring worksheets, video and music worksheets. Questions Exercises Fill in the blanks with th e correct question words, where, when, who, why, which Question and answer beginner exercise.


Interactive English Grammar Exercises Online

Fun exercises- Online crossword puzzles. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. All kinds of Online interactive exercises can be found here. Commercial Area Grammar Quizzes: Here you can find the best selection of ceramic tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, border grammmar, mosaics, natural stones and artificial stones, marble tiles, as well as roof tiles at the best price. These grammar and vocabulary resources will exercisess English teachers lesson planning time and offer students a great free opportunity at online self-study.

Grammar Exercises

Give links as homework to your students. Learn to speak English ldf through phonetic exercises. Math eBooks to English grammar exercises for beginners pdf download, don’t forget to look at the free math worksheets, Quizzes, Games and Videos.

We can make new words by adding an affix to change or modify the meaning for ex. Follow the links to these grammar and vocabulary exercises to get more practice on how they are used.

You will be surprised how quickly you can learn English grammar rules owing to this website. They include keys with answers and practise different aspects of English cor and basic sentence structures. Our resources range from printable worksheets to computer-assisted ESL materials. With a combined 6 Ebooks for Kids, you are armed with the best teaching materials for young learners in the industry.