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Page router isis area-tag. The two values, DSCP and precedence, are mutually exclusive.

cisc Don’t have an account? This release does not support the from-field and table options. The neighbor address must be on the primary address of the interface. Entries in the traceroute cache table are single replies from remote devices—not the number of operations on the device.

downpoad Page 21 Command History Release Modification This command was modified. Usage Guidelines The network-clock set lockout command locks out a clock source. You must define the Ethernet CFM domain and service before configuring a link-protection group.


Examples The following examples show the output generated by this command: This releaes does not support the vpn-id keyword. To disable a general hold-off timer, use the no form of this command. Page The range is from 1 to 8. The IDs used to refer cisco router command pdf download the control plane and data plane contexts for this VC. To remove a network-clock-select hold-timeout configuration, routeg the no form of this command.

Cisco MWR 2941 Command Reference Manual

Router config ethernet cfm domain operatorA level 5 Router config-ecfm service vlan-id 10 port Interface configuration Command History Release Modification cisco router command pdf download Interface Atm Ima Support for Cisco downloae series routers was added.

Page 41 policy-map class Release Modification To remove a wait-to-restore configuration, use the no form of this command. Setting T3 to 0 equals normal delay, and setting it to 1 equals low delay.

This release does not support the level keyword used to configure CFM Draft 1. Page 66 To create an EtherChannel interface, use the interface port-channel command cisco router command pdf download global configuration mode. Specifies the maximum number of buffers allowed on shaping queues. It provides an automatic failover of traffic from one port in pdd EtherChannel to another port in the same EtherChannel when one of the ports in the channel exceeds the high threshold for an error within the specified interval.

Router configure terminal Router config ptp clock ordinary domain Controller The e1 keyword was added. Examples The following example shows how to specify a data pattern Syntax Description This command has no arguments or keywords. This method benefits traffic streams cisco router command pdf download over equal-cost paths pd are not loadshared because the majority of the traffic is between peer addresses that use different port numbers, such as Real-Time Protocol RTP streams.

Export Specifies VPN route-target export communities. If configured, the command output includes information about ATM overhead cisco router command pdf download. To disable this feature, use the no form of this command. Router config ethernet cfm traceroute cache size See the precedence command for more information. Page After the policy map and class maps are configured, the policy map is attached to interface as shown in the following example.

Ethernet Cfm Enable The way that these different cisco router command pdf download are treated depends upon quality of service QoS policies, set in the policy-map configuration mode. Page 6 Means the following information will help you solve a problem.

To remove the specified event gateway from the gateway list, use the no form of this command.

Name Specifies the VRF name. Router config-if l2protocol-tunnel cdp Router config-if This example shows how to disable a tunneling protocol on an interface: Page Destination address that is being mapped to a PVC.