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Used to – Curso de ingles: Como expresar rutinas en el pasado

Your email address will not be published. Clases y temas relacionados: Before we downlod with this lesson where you are going to read the Present Perfect tense.

November 22, at 8: November 3, at 1: Hablaremos del uso y estructura de el present perfect tense.

These refer to the present tense but in different ways. In this question we are asking for information about his life experience. A pesar de no verte, ya puedo imaginarte!


These actions describe routines or habits. To form the present perfect tense we need to learn a new form of the verb. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Es un tiempo indefinido del pasado y se basiico para expresar experiencias sin determinar el tiempo en que se dieron.

We want pdg know if Laura has eaten paella once in her life. Ejercicios para practicar el present perfect http: This is called the past participle.

List of complete irregular verbs enlace con la lista completa de verbos irregulares: Esto es muy util ya que la pueden usar para pedir informacion en general. It is a question without a definite point in the past.

Ya en pre-intermedio ampiaremos este tema. The irregular form of the verbs in past participle change and you have to learn them with practice. In this class we are going to learn the first use of the present perfect.

Apostila de Ingles PDF

April 29, at We have studied these two tenses before. Muy buen enlace listo para imprimir que explica de otra forma el Present Perfect http: El present perfect se usa para describir acciones que pasaron antes y sin decir cuando.

When we want to talk about an experience we can use the present perfect tense. Carlos Antunez es autor y administrador de InglesTotal. As we have seen, we can talk about the past jngles present perfect but we need to learn the differences with the past simple tense.

Play in new window Download. Niveles y Cursos Gratis. For routines, habits and current information — I usually get up at 6: The present continuous is used to describe actions that are happening at ed moment in which they are spoken. Maria has been to Spain Present Perfect: Haces de un tema de estos algo de mucho agrado.