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He’s dying, isn’t he?

Confession is good for the soul. The Cardassians will do anything prf decipher their powers. They weren’t exactly thrilled to see you on Brax, either.

Fine, peace is good. I haven’t been one for over eighty years.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Wikiquote

I’m glad you agree. No, there were a good many things they didn’t teach me. Major, it gives me reason to live. You know, Quark, that poor boy is about to spend the best years of his life in a Bajoran prison. I thought you were the acquissition cook. I am just a Bajoran who has been fighting a hopeless cause against the Cardassians all her life.

You know what Ferengi rules of acquisition pdf download rulee about Klingon stories? We don’t always agree. It’s like a sculpture, a monument to your year as a bachelor. But the stars are made of latinum. Remind me to give you a copy of the Rules, you’ll never know when they’ll come in handy. The 47th Rule of Acquisition says, “Don’t trust a man wearing a better suit than your own.

Don’t throw that away.

The rules regarding females were not always followed; Ishka regularly wore clothes and talked to strangers, and it is unlikely that she was the only rule-violator.

You know I never use them. Well, believe me, Ferengi rules of acquisition pdf download looking forward to Keiko and Molly’s visit as much as you are. All you can do now is contemplate the depth of your disgrace In one DS9 episode, Constable Odo expresses an interest, when the time comes, in buying Quark ‘s remains.

They’ve been told that everyone on the Defiant’s been replaced by shapeshifters.

While it is not one of the “Big Four” superpowers which dominate Alpha Quadrant politics the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Cardassiansthe Ferengi Alliance is a fairly potent middle power.

My natural instincts for survival told me not to climb aboard this thing. You have to admit, it’s much more civilized.

This “wilderness” is my home! ferengi rules of acquisition pdf download

We’re nothing like you Dermatalogically speaking you’re perfectly healthy. How can I repay you? First Contact] Tough little ship. Cold hands, warm heart. A thousand years ago it had character: But I fail to see how that applies to my situation. Brother, I haven’t told you We have Lieutenant Arriaga in custody on the Defiant and he is ready to admit that under your orders, he attached a subspace modulator to the relay ferengi rules of acquisition pdf download on the far side of the wormhole.

The currency of the Ferengi is latinum, a liquid substance of extremely high value. I believe in coincidences.

Remind me to hold my breath next time. And if it takes me the rest of my life, I’ll see you standing before a ferengi rules of acquisition pdf download that’ll break you and send you to a penal colony where you’ll spend the rest of your days growing old and wondering whether a ship full of replicators was really worth it. If Father were alive, he’d wash your mouth out with galcor!

You know, some people say that you remained on DS9 as the eyes and ears of your fellow Cardassians. You know I can’t fefengi that. Oh, you misunderstand me, Lieutenant.

No, it is better that you do not know. Something I learned from Doctor Bashir. Relaxation would only make us weak.

Rules of Acquisition (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) – Wikipedia

Well I thought I would ferengi rules of acquisition pdf download hello first and then take the office, but we can do it in any order you like. As shown in ” Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places ” Ferengi have a great disdain for fair combat which causes them to appear physically weaker than they are they give up if they have no clear advantage.

I suppose you used to make them your pets, and sing songs about them round the campfire.