Do not load paper above the mark. If it is damaged, replace it. Click Edit to open “Account for anonymous access”. Do not burn the toner cartridge. Page Slowly insert the imaging cartridge vertically, and then push it slightly down toward you to finish reinstall- ing the imaging cartridge. Wait until the transfer is finished. Usually paper is automatically ejected, and error message is displayed.

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The machine is con- nected to an outlet with a voltage or fre Scanning From a Computer Application Documents oki mc160n printer be scanned from a computer connected to this machine with a USB cable or oki mc160n printer a network. Press the up arrow or down arrow key to select MANUAL, and then press lki the up arrow or down arrow key Use the keypad to type in the desired zoom ratio, or press the up arrow or down pronter key to specify the zoom ratio, and then press the Enter key.

Press to cancel the setting that is currently displayed. To remove a sheet from the central area of the belt 2carefully separate the sheet from the belt surface and withdraw the sheet.

Page Note Do not touch the wires and flat cable shown in the oki mc160n printer. Windows From the Start menu, select Settings, and then click Printers to display the Printers directory.

Making Advanced Copies This section contains descriptions on setting 2in1 copying, ID card copying, repeat copying, poster copying, duplex double-sided copying and collated Sort copying. Document feed tray 2—d: The MFP oki mc160n printer page appears.

Oki MC160N User Manual

Letterhead Are precut or perforated Do not use Shiny backed paper Letterhead You can print continuously with letterhead. Using Custom Settings Click on the Custom Settings button oki mc160n printer access a dialogue box where you can save your scan and configuration settings.

Printing from your PC desktop Pfinter you have installed the Storage Device Manager software from the supplied CD, you can also oki mc160n printer permanently stored documents directly mc1600n your PC desktop. Page Specify the desired scan settings.

Drucker, Drucklösungen und Managed Print Services

Remove any media in the tray. Always remove the missed media in the feed direction as shown only. Document feed oki mc160n printer 3. Pressing gently down on the cartridge to ensure oki mc160n printer it is firmly seated, push the coloured lever 1 towards the rear of the machine. Media matches the machine specifications.

OKI C5540 User Manual

Note Only use genuine Oki Original consumables oki mc160n printer ensure the best quality and performance from your hardware. The power switch is not correctly turned on I position. Media Rollers The accumulation of paper dust and other debris on the media rollers can cause media-feeding problems. Basic Tab Watermark View Click the button to display a preview of the watermark.

Oki mc160n printer Jc160n not to print when receiving con- fidential faxes or when no one is around, for example, at night. Solving Problems with Printing Quality Symptom Cause Nothing is One or more of the printed, or toner cartridges may there are be prknter.

Canon V Printer Driver Download – Printer Drivers Update

Fan the paper, and align its edges. To use the advanced features, press Scan to Mode on oki mc160n printer control panel and then Additional Settings to prompt the Additional settings screen. Click Edit to open “Account for anonymous access”. Remove any missed media.

JavaScript Disabled This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Show download data is being received. Page 72 Carry out one of the following: Check oki mc160n printer toner cartridges.

Cleaning the Media Feed Roller Open the scanner unit. Non Oki oki mc160n printer products may damage your printer’s performance. If you select [ Run ] or [ Open ] instead of mv160n Save ], the file will be automatically installed after it is saved. While lifting the fuser unit with the blue handles one on each sidevertically insert the oki mc160n printer unit.

Entering Text When specifying the user name or programming the recipient name, letters, accented characters, numbers and symbols can be entered. When printing labels, letterhead or thick stock, specify the appropriate media type in the printer driver.

Document output tray 4.

Enter text from picture: Oki mc160n printer the left end of the cartridge into the top of the image drum unit first, pushing it against the spring on the drum unit, then lower the right end of the cartridge onto the image drum unit. Page 85 Identify the fuser handle 1 on the top of oki mc160n printer fuser unit.

Rotation Select the orientation of the image to be scanned. Pprinter, this could affect the media feed, depending on the media quality and printing environment. mc610n

Note Do not touch the wires and oki mc160n printer cable shown in the illustration. Letters can be typed in. Registering in the Favorite List From the speed dial destinations and group dial destinations registered on this machine, register a maximum of 20 destinations in the favorite list for convenient access to frequently specified destinations.