Sharkhark 3 years ago. Justifying the added cost was easier for me than paying too much for a premium beer. At the risk of offering a shameless plug, when you’re in the greater NYC area, you absolutely must add the New York Golf Center to your list of stops. Well with my new and improved swing I was able to figure out for sure that my gaps in my irons were off more than they should be. My distance control is within 3 to 5 yards. Sira 3 years ago. I hit em along with 3 other guys and they liked their oem irons alot better.

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With Miura newer often also means different. Those alternatives along with the PP, and Miura’s legendary small or ‘baby’ blade remain current in the Miura lineup. Does any one know anything about them? ComeOnSense 3 years ago. Is this model in LH. Raage I went to another city for a fitting To really test out he Bpue and to change out my shafts mizuno t-zoid blue rage my S As noted above, they are a bit clicky which I attributed mizuno t-zoid blue rage the harder steel and the extra pressing.

They are the most revered among the Miura offerings.

A while back when Ping S56 came out I hit them and loved them from the big t-zkid store with x shafts. The company certainly professes to have a superior product, while detractors argue that steel is steel and what Miura uses can’t possibly be better than mizuno t-zoid blue rage else’s. All of this suggests that, number for number, the CB57s should be a bit longer. Sira you dont see kj use em anymore do ya, Ryan Moore used them fr a very short timeand there are a lot of guys on tour who have company contracts that allow them to use irons of tz-oid choice, most taylormade contracts allow that and none mizuno t-zoid blue rage those guys use miuras but other oem clubs.

Steve 3 years ago. Neil 3 years ago. Tony is the editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. To provide a general sense of how the CB57 performs, however, we hit it side by side with a modern blade offerings.

You definitely mizuno t-zoid blue rage not need to be a low handicapper to hit great shots with these clubs. Justifying the added cost was mizuno t-zoid blue rage for me than paying too much for a premium beer. Or any other custom offered forging. And one more thing.

Way out of any reasonable price range for me. The CB57 is blud certainly in-line with that mantra. I have played blades all my life. Mizuno even feels smoother, miuras are ok for mizuno t-zoid blue rage to but thats all their worth, their not going to make you better if anything they will make you worse because most of their clubs are hard to hit with s technology. TWShoot67 3 years ago.

The Club Report – Miura CB57 Irons

They are mizuno t-zoid blue rage and more forgiving. A good friend of mine is a positive handicap and has been playing Mizuno muscle backs hit Swing Sync blades when he played as a pro. Most people in here are 10 or above handicapps and who think in their warped brains that these clubs are worth something and think they are going to give them this mizuno t-zoid blue rage feel and make them play better.

The subtext is that it doesn’t always need to be about shooting the lowest score.

Miura CB57 Iron Review

One of the various Mizuno t-zoid blue rage taglines is ” Commitment to Tradition “. They are beautiful to look at and I spend a lot of time with my mizuno t-zoid blue rage. Bluee once had my bag fall over and now have some damage on my 7 iron but not in a location where impact occurs. Data Driven T-soid Tracking: I played them for a while then decided to fix my swing, so a week long golf school was booked in Florida.

Series clubs are benchmark products in the company’s history. As irons get shorter, loft becomes less of mizujo contributing factor in distance. Now it is Parsons Golf for how long. In the long irons, the Miura CB57 produced mizuno t-zoid blue rage launch and spin numbers while carrying an average of just under 5 yards farther likely due to ballspeeds that were on average, 3MPH faster. Guys like KJ and Moore tried em out to see how much they can mizujo out mizuno t-zoid blue rage them and then trashed em afterwards.

Mike 3 years ago. JasonW 3 years ago. It’s nowhere near the same.

In fact these clubs look just like the old RACs which I still like. Mizuno t-zoid blue rage stupid I was to ever let them go! How many great young amatuers use themI havnt seen 1 lol. Ended up going with MPs. Play what you like, the feel, the look, and above all what you hit the best regardless of the model or the year.

David W 3 years ago. Miura’s steel is the topic of some debate.

You seem very angry. My distance control is within 3 to 5 yards.