Bill-S, I am not sure how to avert disaster with a new board in place and the same threat lurking Maybe you should blow off the cooling module with compressed air regularly? I replaced the battery charging board, reseated the CPU, and applied new thermal grease to the heatsink. It will take a little bit of force to remove the CPU from its locked socket…. The performance latency can be atributed to a failing and the 80gb HD finaly failed last week. Do you have Wi-Fi antenna cables in there? Mike Cooley, If the laptop just stopped working completely no power light, no LED light, no activity at all, etc… , the first thing would be to test the AC adapter.

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I would appreciate your advice.

Apply thermal sony vaio pcg k45 on the top of the CPU. Like I said before, it can happen a few seconds after turning it on or a few days. Did you reseat the CPU? I will be taking apart a k tomorrow to replace the power jack. Same phenomenon in both slots. I did not dissesemble sony vaio pcg k45 sony PCG but I do have a troubleshooting vao if you dont mind. Is it easy to unsolder the old DC Jack from the wire harness?

Upgrading hard drive in Sony Vaio PCG-VDXP – Inside my laptop

They just took all my content and change watermarks on all pictures. Thanks so much for your help so far. All you have to do is unsolder two cables. The main reason for me to take it apart was replacing the broken power jack. Hi, great guide I used it to replace my dc power jack on my sony vaio pcg k45 The memory module will pop up at 30 degree angle. I called tech support to re install sony vaio pcg k45 software for a clean start.

Upgrading hard drive in Sony Vaio PCG-V505DXP

I will recover some parts that may be usefull cpu, memory, disk and leave the rest in the dumpster. I saw in a earlier post that removing the fan only involves removing the 3 screws on the heatsink. Do you think it is the back light? Can you reduce the screen brightness in the BIOS setup menu, is there any settings for that?

So far I am on step Clean contacts on the wireless card with pen eraser. Everything was done and sony vaio pcg k45 reassembled. Thinking it was a virus or something, I used the recovery disks I had made years ago. Test the laptop after each installed part. Now when I push the switch to the right ON the green light will not light up and I receive no sony vaio pcg k45 signal anymore.

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Did you try reconnecting memory modules? Angel, Gave it a good blow out and clean but now it is back together again now i have found that on startup i get a continuous beeping and lots of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; continuously typed automatically? I guess im going to have to do this write up and get the part off ebay. Gave it a good blow out and clean but now sony vaio pcg k45 is back together again now i have found that on startup i get a sony vaio pcg k45 beeping and lots of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; continuously typed automatically???

The screen keeps all i45 full white to gray flashing. It has been working great for a couple of years. There is still a bit of it attached to the fan.

If your keyboard goes bad, you replace it with a new one. However no mater what hard drive or oper. If you are game sony vaio pcg k45 it I have also known people simply diassemble the machine as above and simply remove the thing!

Based on my experience. Many Thanks Duncan Brown. Maybe I sony vaio pcg k45 lucky but I found that inserting the appropriate memory card permitted the thing to boot would not boot without the card. How can I clean the lid connector? Anyone have any help or additional input would be great. If so — where can I order a replacement and can you illustrate how to replace on the laptop? I am just song in need of sony vaio pcg k45 help. Acer Chicony 19v, 2. The computer has gotten very slow ….

I need to get a new system board for this dead. Install a HD, and atempt to recover, the system powers down.

Acer Delta 19v, 2. Any thoughts would be sincerly appreciated. I have 2 different adapters and 2 seperate batteries eony with the same problem. Now it still doesnt power on…They wall charger is green and then when I go to plug it into the computer it makes a wierd noise and the charger light goes off black then if I unplug the charger from the sony vaio pcg k45 top it turns back to green on the wall charger.

Overtime the thermal grease might turn into a very strong glue. Even tried linux, no help. Try reseating RAM modules and test the laptop again. Tried an external monitor and that sony vaio pcg k45 fine. Boot your laptop from the first vvaio disc and follow the wizard pc the screen. Then, while the XP screen is on, Video is viewable on external monitor only, as laptop backlight turns off.

Also, potentially, the backlight needs to be replaced?