In this chapter you will find an over- view of the printer and steps for calibrating the printer after it is installed. Page of Go. Do not remove the top protective cover on the tapes yet. CadJet T Service Manual 1. Clean And Inspect Carriage Assembly CadJet T Service Manual Clean and Inspect Carriage Assembly Foreign material on the carriage assembly could short out signals being developed on the carriage assembly and cause erroneous prints or even damage to the carriage assembly. Carriage speed Carriage speed lets you determine the number of dots per second that are laid down as the carriage moves over the media.

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Beachten Sie deshalb die Hinweise in der Bedienungsanleitung. Choosing Reset Counter forces encad t200 count to zero and causes the printer to cut the t20 immediately.

Except as provided below, no part of encad t200 manual may be copied or distributed. In bidirectional printing mode, the velocity encad t200 the carriage causes dots to miss the target area on the media. Make sure cutter version 3 or newer is installed see the figure below.

Disconnect the Display Cable connector encad t200 the J3 location. Orient the new Bushing as encad t200 in Figure so that the metal tab on top of the Bushing goes into the Carriage Assembly first. Beachten Sie deshalb die Hinweise in der Bedienungsanleitung.

Use the thumb and forefinger to pull forward g200 the connector lock and remove the Trailing Cable from the connector.

These items are illustrated in Figure Just enter the value below the set of lines that are correctly aligned.

Check the shaft for visible encad t200 carriage moves back and forth on it during operation. It is extremely encad t200 that you maintain downward pressure towards the floor on the head of each screw encad t200 the same time as you tighten or loosen the screws.

Snap the test cartridge with the micrometer gauge r200 the position vacated by the Cyan ink cartridge. Hold the Fan in place with your left hand and insert the screws.

If the test file encad t200 correctly, the problem lies in either the software emcad that generated the print or the Encad t200, if used. To lower the air plenum Pull out the retaining pin on the lower left and right sides.


Page of 97 Go. For example, on Windows 98, type: If encad t200 are unable to clear the jets you should compensate for them manually. The following printer options are described in this chapter: Make sure that the screws go in straight.

With a flathead screwdriver, press the Electronics Cover tab located in the upper slot on the left side of the Carriage Assembly. Certain manuals are encad t200 by Eastman Encad t200 Company in an electronic.

ENCAD T-200 Service Manual

CadJet T Service Encad t200 Initialization Troubleshooting The sequence that the printer encad t200 during initialization power up is as follows: A very common problem is where ink has been spilled onto the carriage assembly.

Reach into the Right Cover and pull back on the Service Station release tab located on the far side of the Service Station. End of Plot provides access to a selection screen in which you can define how the end of encad t200 plot is dried. Platen and Above Parts Breakdown.


Introduction Printer Options Menu Tree Technical Info Error Messages Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Calling for Help If you have tried the suggestions in this manual and still need assistance, call the envad where you purchased your printer. Carriage Speed Color Mode The test pattern prints as shown below. Page of Go.

Hold the Stepper Motor Assembly with your right hand so it does not drop suddenly and use your encad t200 hand to finish unscrewing the two screws and remove them. Carriage Assembly Parts Breakdown. When End of plot is set to Feeder Encad t200, the printer will encad t200 for an abnormally long absence of the loop of media that occurs encaad the feeder roll and the platen.