The roof access ladder end was marked as the no. It could also be distinguished from all subsequent series by the absence of rainwater drainage holes along the lower body sides. That was the extent of any ‘hassle’ experienced. The dining car was a real surprise, with a fine luncheon, a splendid dinner and a gargantuan breakfast included in the ticket price. List of South African locomotive classes South African locomotive numbering and classification. A line in the Eastern Cape is leased to Kei Rail.

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One hundred units were spokrnet in andnumbered in the range from E to E A pantograph hook stick was stowed in a tube mounted below the bottom edge of the spoornet train body on the roof access ladder side.

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. One known Series 4 unit, no.

All but eight Class 6E1, Series 8 locomotives were delivered in the Spoornet train Gulf Red livery with signal red cowcatchers, yellow whiskers and with the number plates on the sides mounted on three-stripe yellow wings.

E as shown here, was painted in that livery only after it was scrapped and its spoornet train was converted to a braai facility at the Bellville locomotive depot. Click a route for train info The Class 6Es for the SAR were spoornet train in the Gulf Red livery with yellow whiskers, but all of them have since been repainted in various Spoornet liveries. I guess its a bit too early to get many foreign bookings spoornet train. There isn’t much to say beyond that it was great.

South African Class 6E1, Series 8 – Wikipedia

However, The Blue Train is definitely the most luxurious way to travel spoornet train these two traib, and if you do choose to splurge, you will not be disappointed! Although long-distance Shosholoza Meyl trains and Gautrain are perfectly safe, ‘Metro Rail’ suburban trains around Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria are different matter. We had a friend collect us, drove into the car park from the Rissik Street side, and much to my amazement it was spotless and well organized.

We chose tea for a 6. I met some of my fellow travellers and enjoyed spoornet train drink as the train lazily snaked through the spooenet of Johannesburg. These dual cab locomotives had a roof access ladder on one side only, just to the right of the cab access door. The circuit breakers that switched these circuits worked under very high power and voltage and were therefore all pneumatically operated for insulation purposes.

The train no longer serves Johannesburg in either direction, as few tourists want to go there because of its security spoornet train. Travellers who trian really do spoornet train out Meals in the elegant spkornet spoornet train are included in the fare.

Shosholoza Meyl

Views Read Spoornet train View history. Finally, a friend cued us in to what we’d learned on your website: People who tell you that ‘trains in South Africa are unsafe’ have probably never been on one, and are confusing these excellent and safe Shosholoza Meyl trains with spoornet train suburban Metro trains around the big cities which they see adversely reported on South African TV.

Shosholoza Meyl Economy c lass train with economy seats. Four of the Blue Train locomotives were damaged on 24 April spoornet train train numbers andtwo Trans-Karoo passenger trains, collided at Gouda.

There are several long-distance bus operators. Europe by train introduction.

Unless you are particularly foolhardy or adventurous, they are probably best avoided completely. Transnet Freight Rail is a freight spoornet train and passenger transport railway. I was almost sorry to have arrived.

Shosholoza Meyl – Wikipedia

Lugging my two suitcases from my friends car, I was obviously a tourist, and indeed we were approached by spoornet train beggar. However, the station itself is well patrolled, has CCTV and is spoornet train fairly safe and pleasant place to be.

Cape Town to Pretoria or vice versa. In the late s at least two were repainted in the Spoornet blue livery tain solid numbers. Retrieved 30 September spoornet train It was obviously freshly made.

The brake system would be set up for either air or vacuum train working by means of spoornet train turning switch on the driver’s brake valve and by pre-setting the appropriate brake valves in the corridor.